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Adobe Devlopment Adobe is changing the world through digital experiences. We have an experience team of Adobe technologies including Flash, Adobe Air and Flex.

Flash Application Development
Being a diverse offshore web development company, Maximaa offers complete web designing and development services helping all small and medium sized companies to get a recognizable online identity.

We count our capability of creating valuable and meaningful solutions on our long standing understanding and knowledge of industry needs. One of our specialized areas of working is Flash application development on Flash action script 3.0.

Adobe Air Development
Adobe AIR lets developers use their existing web development skills in HTML, AJAX, Flash and Flex to build and deploy rich Internet applications to the desktop. It is a browser-less runtime for rich Internet applications that can be deployed onto the desktop, rather than a fully-fledged application framework.

Advantages of AIR applications:
  • AIR applications are cross-platform, so they can be installed on and run on multiple operating systems including Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • AIR applications install seamlessly from the browser or download and install like a traditional desktop application
  • Deliver branded rich Internet applications outside the browser that gives you a closer connection to your customers.
  • You can use your existing web development resources to create engaging, branded applications that run on all major desktop operating systems.
  • AIR applications can operate offline, and then activate further functionality or upload data when an active Internet connection becomes available.
  • Its ability to consume and work with data on a user's local file system allows for greater flexibility.
  • AIR applications can run in the background or provide notifications like traditional desktop applications.
  • AIR applications can access clipboard, drag and drop events, system tray/notifications, and more.
  • AIR applications are easy to upgrade.