Engagement Models

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When the MaxiMaa team approaches prospective client, the initial thrust is towards gaining a clear understanding of the various imperatives that drives their business. Further study enables the team to understand the business model and needs. Then, based on the volatility of the business in which the client is, and the complexity level of the project, the most appropriate engagement model is suggested. However, the flexible nature of the engagement models, and their workability even when a client chooses a mix-and-match option, ensures risk mitigation and appropriate deployment of Maximaa's resources.

Broadly, there are three engagement models. These are:

Fixed Price Model
Fixed Price Model is best suited to clients who want fixed price for fixed scoped project. The typical Features of this model are:
  • Fixed Price
  • Fixed Scope
  • Familiar requirement (if we've executed similar projects) or clear requirement (typically detailed analysis & application design already completed)
  • It involves Project Management, User Interface Design, Devolvement, and Quality Testing.

Time and Material (T&M)
With the time and material engagement model, your costs and schedule will vary depending on your specific requirements and on the complexity of your project. This gives you maximum flexibility and also allows you to make substantial revisions to your project even as it is being developed.

Typical Features of this model are:
  • Single Standard hourly rate irrespective of the type of resources used
  • Ideal for small jobs - task based approach
  • Level of client involvement is higher compared to the Fixed Price model
  • Less expensive than the Fixed Price model

Time and Material (T&M)
At the client's option, we will mix and match the above two-option module-by-module