ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning

Growth has to be funded by efficiency; ERP is a synonym for accuracy & efficiency.

Enterprise Resource Planning In today’s competitive and fast growing world; an ERP has become inevitable for the growth of an organization. Maximaa Infoways understood the importance of a robust ERP and hence has been dealing with such systems since 2005.

Maximaa Infoways is an expert in various industry verticals and offers its customers:
ERP Consultation
Microsoft NAV: Microsoft Dynamics ERP
Customized Solution: Maximaa’s Customized ERP System &Cloud ERP System

Maximaa’s ERP consulting services helps companies adapt their business processes to the best proven management practices by implementing the latest information technologies. Maximaa also helps them implement the enterprise resource planning systems (ERP) as well as make sure it works efficiently at the customer’s end 24*7.

ERP consulting services provided by Maximaa include:
  • Deep analysis of customer's business needs by industry specific functional experts
  • Selection of the enterprise resource planning system (ERP) according to the needs and possibilities of the customer as well as his/her strategic goals
  • Organization of the project environment & ERP system project implementation according to the needs and priorities of the customer
  • Training & Support
  • Support& Maintenance:
    To maintain 24/7 accessibility of the system
    To keep the system updated

Maximaa helps Organizations to roll-out their corporate business-model in Indian offices, and provides assistance in the following areas:
  • Implementation of Indian localization for Microsoft Dynamics
  • Implementation of corporate business-model
  • Trainings for end users
  • Post-project support

It is important to realize that ERP system itself will not increase profitability. ERP is a tool that helps company's employees to increase efficiency and quality of their business processes as well as to make the company more dynamic and successful. During the project we usually advise how to configure some business processes in order to set them up in an optimal way and to receive the greatest ROI. Business processes as they implemented in our ERP systems have been formed over decades and were proven by thousands of the companies worldwide. Therefore, they can be used as a certain standard that surely is worth considering during setting up your own processes. The implementation of ERP is the same investment project as, for example, the extension of production capacities. The value ERP brings to its users overlaps all its costs and drives the organization towards multifold growth.