Hire a Team!

Looking for a dedicated team with a particular technology expertise?

Hire a Team

Maximaa's Hire Dedicated Developer Service gives you access to one or a team of Dedicated Developer(s)/ Dedicated Programmer(s), from our pool of talented professionals, to focus on your project, who work exclusively for you on your projects from our modern and highly equipped development facilities in India.

Hiring a Developer or a Team of Developers helps you reduce the costs involved with your development operations by contracting highly specialized developer/s located in a low-cost environment, such as India. Reduced development cost helps you to achieve your product / services at competitive cost without compromising on the quality, and a better position in the industry for marketing your product or services for contractors or resellers.

Our Dedicated Developer Services:
  • Hire PHP Developer
  • Hire Flash Developer
  • Hire ASP .Net Developer
  • Hire VB .Net Developer
  • Hire Adobe Flex/Air Developer

Key Features:
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Cost savings over, in-house development.
  • Strong and experienced management team to manage group of dedicated software professionals.
  • Minimization of risk, no need for full-time staff or contractors.
  • Secure development environment with firewall, password and encryption protection.

Who reaps the most Benefits?
Maximaa's dedicated developer service is crucial for start-up companies, independent software vendors (ISVs), Freelancers and growing business that need access to exceptional talent whilst minimizing risk and operating costs. It helps you to substantially reduce your initial system setup cost in terms of infrastructure, hardware & software resources and manpower. Reduced IT costs release resources for other key initiatives, and you are free from the requirement to manage an IT department.

Quick Trial Pilot:
We recommend you to check our Free trial package, which gives you an in-depth knowledge on how we execute your assignments. This in turns gives you the confidence to use our products and services, which are tailor made for you by the industries best professional.

Maximaa Infoways is customer-centric company and they believe in creating new avenues to deliver bottom-line benefits to their clients.