iPhone/iPad Application Development

The future is mobile computing, smartphones & tablets are an integral elements of the whole new paradigm.

iPhone/iPad Application Development The iPhone is the most popular and sought after consumer electronic device. With its sleek design, ease of use and many popular downloadable apps, it is easy to see why there is a surge in the market for iPhone.

While it is true that most iPhone apps will work well on the iPad, certain apps may need additional tweaking to work seamlessly on both devices. Maximaa with its years of experience in mobile app development is well versed about app development and knows exactly how to ensure your apps will work on both devices.

Apps are not just for business. If you have a great ideaor a concept, you can have us design it for you. With our experience in designing several types of apps, we can assure you we will provide you a mobile app solution which will suffice all your needs.

Below is the partial list of the iOS apps developed by Maximaa Infoways:
ONCOLOGY (solution to access services focused on medical updates in Oncology):
It is developed for qualified South African Healthcare Professionals only. This app offers an innovative solution to access services focused on medical updates in Oncology. (Add pic)

The app will be used by employees to access presentation videos and Special events details.

Tap rescue:
Tap Rescue app is used by vessels in sea. If there is some emergency during their trip like engine failure, out of fuel, injury or men over Boat this app sends emergency request to administrator then administrator sends back the acknowledgement that the emergency request is approved and help will be send by air, water or vessel in vicinity to that app.

Fish weight:
Fish weight is the ultimate tool for any fisherman. Now you can release your fish with a nice photo and also proof to you friend the weight of the fish. Just take a picture of your fish next to one of the standard objects on the App, choose the species of fish, measure the fish`s length & girth on the App and have your weight.

There are two different apps for two different users. One app is used by Doctors (UIF-Dr) and the other one is used by customers (UIF). Customers can claim once he registers in UIF. In UIF-DR, doctors can see the list of all claims of customers and doctor can approve their claims by signature. Customers can see in UIF that doctor has approved their claim.

A customized ERP developed for an organization. This app accesses their ERP servers and acts as an extension of the ERP software on their mobile phones while seamlessly bridging the gap between the mobile and the servers.

A supply chain management app developed to track logistics and distribution real time from their mobiles phones.