The Partnership Program

Be our partner and open a realm of endless opportunities!

M-PAP (Maximaa Partner Alliance Program)

M-PAP is an abbreviation for Maximaa Partner Alliance Program. Maximaa is a prominent Software Development Organization and has opened doors of opportunity for SMEs, Marketing companies, Entrepreneurs or Individuals who share our dedication for growth and are as passionate as us to represent our software development services and products all across the globe.

M-PAP has flexible plans and a wide array of outsourcing options for you to be our partner in growth. Our elaborate team of experts will dedicatedly work for your projects and deliver innovative business solutions at best prices to keep you ahead of your competition.

M-PAP has been designed to open a new dimension of incredible growth opportunities for the partner as well as the organization.


Alliance Partners represent a more qualitative opportunity – opening new markets, building new business, accessing new markets, create new product / solution offerings, and innovate. Alliances are less transaction oriented (if at all), and measured in business benefits (soft dollars).

Alliances are more long-term strategic partnerships, interactive and creative by nature. Alliance partners are more interaction oriented.


  • Entrepreneurs
  • IT Consultants
  • System Integrators
  • I.T. Businesses
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Resellers
  • Distributors
  • Infrastructure Solution Providers (I.T)
  • Outsourcing Businesses
  • Off Shoring Business


Competitive Edge

M-PAP will give you the Brand Advantage, Global Recognition, Access to an elaborate team of development & functional experts, Competitive Pricing and much more.

Increase in accessibility

M-PAP will help you get access to some qualified leads, databases and increased penetration in regions of your interest.

Website Display

M-PAP will entitle the associates to get the privilege of displaying our logo on their websites.

Multiple Incentives

M-PAP can also serve as a branding tool and an incentive to attract new employees in your organization.


Exclusive networking opportunities with leading corporate, government and community decision makers.

Building Relationships

The partners will get an opportunity to establish closer relationships with a new clients and learning environments to test new ideas and approaches.

Direct Access to leading thinkers

M-PAP associates will have direct access to the leading think tanks in the fields of global strategy shaping the world of I.T. Outsourcing Businesses.